Atelier de Céramique Filarski


A one-week workshop in 2024 costs*
1 – in your own tent € 925,00
2 – in a shared room (max 2 pers) € 1078,00
3 – in a single room € 1225,00
Prices include:
The course + materials + cost of firing
All meals and drinks + overnight stays.


Just fill out the form down below and we'll send you a WeTransfer e-mail with your booking details and the invoice within 48 hours

If not: please ckeck your spambox! Keep that email carefully



After our confirmation you have to make a downpayment of 100,00 euros p.p. Six weeks prior to the start of the course the entire sum must be paid. Cancellations up to 6 weeks prior to the course carry a charge of 100,00 euros. After that the total costs must be paid – regardless of the reason. We therefore advise you to take out an insurance.

Clothes, fire and dangerous goods
We advise you to wear old clothes; you may get dirty during the workshop. Clay can give nasty stains. For the firing we ask you to wear cotton shirts (no nylon) with long sleeves and leather shoes. When firing the Angama it is best to wear thick cotton trousers and leather hiking-shoes or boots. A visit to Atelier de Céramique in France is at your own risk. Glazes can be harmful to the unborn child. Please use the provided protection when working with glazing or fire.

Use of materials
A maximum of 20 kilos of clay and a maximum of 15 liters volume to be fired and glazed per week.

We are very sorry but our farm is not wheelchair accessible. There are differences in floor levels and we often have our meals in the garden which is up a slight hill.

Meals and Diets

Our meals are based on 'table d'hôte'. Table d'hôte means "at the table with the lord = host" and is a French concept without individual choice. We are not a restaurant and cannot accommodate individual menus or diets. The only exception: we provide vegetarian dishes on request (to be stated in advance when booking! due to purchasing). We do not provide vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free meals. Several meals include melted cheese, dough or pasta. At breakfast and lunch there are at least 3 types of bread, muesli, yogurt, fruit, meet fillings, at least four types of cheese and various types of homemade jams. On request we serve almond milk, gluten-free crackers and gluten-free oatmeal and nuts.

We are sorry but: no dogs allowed



You can cancel up to 6 weeks before the start. The costs for a cancellation up to six weeks before the start are equal to the booking costs (namely the advance bill of € 100.00 p/p). If the principal amount is not paid within the stipulated term, we reserve the right to consider this as a cancellation and to offer the workshop place to someone else. Six weeks before the start, it is no longer possible to cancel! So make sure you have adequate cancellation and travel insurance. A cancellation is often because of something (very) serious. As understanding as we are, we can no longer fill a vacant position in the short term. For a relatively small amount you can cover the risk that you still have to pay (or have paid) the entire amount while you are unexpectedly unable to come.


* Price correction 2024 if extreme inflation occurs.

At the moment that we publish the dates and prices for the 2024 season, there is a lot of uncertainty about the development of prices worldwide (the general price index and inflation). Our prices are currently based on the general price index of September 2023 and the expected increases in 2024. If the inflation and the price index between September and the start of your workshop in 2024 will exceed 7%, we reserve the right to charge a surcharge / price correction equal to the percentage exceeding this 7% inflation.  If this is the case, we will notify you no later than two monthes before the start of the workshop so that you can cancel if you wish.


Atelier de Céramique Filarski /De Kleischool / Atelier d’Hôte SAS 519 552 574 R.C.S. METZ Siret 519 552 574 00013 Activité Code NAF : 8552Z : Enseignement culturel, Capital Social € 30.000,00 - TVA No: FR42519552574


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